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Peter Hanenberg teaches German and Culture Studies at the School of Human Sciences, Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon. He is Director of the Research Center for Communication and Culture, CECC.


Culture and Cognition

Kultur und KognitionCultura e Cognição

Cognitive Sciences and Culture Studies frequently deal with the same subjects: e.g. in the analysis of identities, memory or emotions. Therefore the disciplines should search for dialogue and transfer and help to develop a better and “holistic” understanding of the phenomena. Cognition is the most artful part of human nature – but culture also shapes our natural mind. This interrelation has to be explored. See, what we have done so far…






Narrating Europe

Europa Gestalten – Pensar Europa

Europe is in trouble – as it has been all along its history. But Europe is more than just a place for economic crisis or political adventures. Utopian ideas, critical approaches and a whole range of cultural experiences have built a literary Europe that national philology uses to ignore. But studying the writers’ Europe can even be helpful on the stage of real life. See why…





Germanistik und Kulturwissenschaft

German and Culture Studies – Germanística e Estudos de Cultura

Zunächst nannte man es Sozialgeschichte der Literatur, dann sprach man von einer kulturwissenschaftlichen Wende der Germanistik. Welche Aufgaben erledigt, welche nie zu erledigen sind, das liest man hier…











Blogs: Translating Europe across the AgesPortugiesische Entdeckungen